Free Paper 12 / 05


Annette Lawrence ( American, 1965 )

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General Description

For thirteen months, following the lunar calendar, Denton-based artist Annette Lawrence collected and repurposed her junk mail as a record of the time's passage and an archive of her existence through the lens of capitalism. Free Paper 12 / 05 is an accumulation of junk mail Lawrence received during one month, December 2005. The title considers both the surplus of material circulating via post, and the inescapability of our role as consumers. While the seemingly endless supply of paper delivered in the mail appears free to the recipient, Lawrence considers the environmental expense it yields. A second layer of meaning comes from the Jamaican adage "Your free-paper burn," which references the documents received by freed slaves and is used as a reminder of when one's free time is up, and one must return to work.

Excerpt from

Elise Armani, DMA Label text, Body Ego, 2018.