Gustav Stickley ( American, 1858 - 1942 )


The Craftsman Workshops ( American, 1903 - 1916 )

Designed c. 1903, executed c. 1903–1904
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General Description

This inlaid chair from 1903 reflects a deep appreciation of progressive English and continental furniture, but nonetheless captures a nostalgic sense of simplicity and forthright character—cornerstones of Gustav Stickley’s philosophy of design. As early as 1895, with the introduction of a _Thebes _stool copied from English retailer Liberty & Co. of London, Stickley and his designers looked to England for inspiration in creating their Arts and Crafts furnishings. Most of the works his firm produced from 1900 to around 1913 were careful distillations of multiple influences upon form and ornament, resulting in highly innovative “artistic” works.

Adapted from

Kevin Tucker, Label text (2010.22), North Gallery, 2011.

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