Modell No. 3000 1/2 "Darmstadter Stil" fish knife


Hans Christiansen ( German, 1866 - 1945 )


Peter Bruckmann & Söhne ( German, 1805 - 1973 )

Designed 1901–1902
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General Description

Hans Christiansen, a member of the Darmstadt Artists’ Colony alongside fellow designer Peter Behrens, spent his early career focused on interiors; however, he also produced designs for select decorative objects—such as textiles, porcelains, tableware, and silver flatware—to outfit his interiors, including this Darmstadter Stil (Darmstadt Style) fish knife and and its matching fork (2009.32.2.2). The exuberant curves of the prongs of the fork and blade of the knife, as well as the ribbons engraved into the silver, are characteristic of Christiansen’s style as well as the sinuous abstract decoration that characterized much of the work of the Darmstadt designers.

Adapted from

Samantha Robinson, Label text ( 2009.32.1-2), Conservation Galleries, 2014.