Wertheim-Modell table knife


Peter Behrens ( German, 1868 - 1940 )


Silberwarenfabrik M. J. Rückert ( German, 1838 - 1932 )

Designed c. 1902
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General Description

The career of noted designer Peter Behrens included a variety of intersecting and often conflicting styles reflecting the multifaceted evolution of modern and industrial design in Germany and Austria. Behrens’ interest in geometry for its conceptual and formal properties is evident in his turn-of-the-century designs ranging from architecture to furniture, textile, glass, appliances, and silver. This knife, part of a flatware set, intended to reflect a progressive modern aesthetic in dining, was created for a 1902 model room display in the Wertheim family’s department store in Berlin.

Excerpt from

Samantha Robinson, Label text (2009.32.1-3), Conservation Galleries, 2014.

Fun Facts

Peter Behrens designs a set of furnishings including this flatware pattern for the Austellung moderner Wohnräume (Exhibition of Modern Interiors) held at the A. Wertheim department store in Berlin in 1902.

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