I wouldn't have worn mascara if I knew I was going to be taking a trip down memory lane


Garth Weiser ( American, 1979 )

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General Description

In this highly graphic black, white, and blue work, Garth Weiser explores perspective, vision, and perception through his use of geometric forms and visual devices, such as the grid, horizon line, and the painting's rectangular form. Weiser contrasts straight lines with more impulsive scribbles, different kinds of mark-making that bring references of messy everyday experience into an otherwise very controlled formal composition. In the top left corner, for instance, the blue strokes seem to evoke the title—the triple arcs as eyelashes and the other marks as running mascara—a testament to the artist's ability to wring new associations from the time-honored tradition of abstract painting.

Excerpt from

Charles Wylie, Big New Field: Artists in the Cowboys Stadium Art Program, 2010.