Daniel Buren ( French, 1938 )

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General Description

This system-based work is an ingeniously conceived project that takes the dimensions of the wall it is installed on for its spatial composition. Each of the twenty-five framed prints occupies the space assigned to it by the artist's stipulation that the works be placed at uniform distances from one another after being installed at the outer edges of the wall itself. Daniel Buren is one of the major figures of Conceptual Art. Since the 1960s, he has created works that define the areas in which they are installed, but oftentimes they may not appear to be art at all. Here, the illusion of an infinite field behind the wall is made by the alignment of Buren's signature generic stripes, yet it is also undercut by the very matter-of-fact nature of the identically shaped and framed prints.

Adapted from

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  • Charles Wylie, Big New Field: Artists in the Cowboys Stadium Art Program, 2010.

Web Resources

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