Gold Makes You Blind bracelet


Otto Künzli ( Swiss, 1948 )

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General Description

Created in unlimited edition from rubber impregnated with a gold ball, Otto Künzli's most well-known work is the Gold Makes Blind armpiece. The bracelet's simplicity in structure belies the complex concept behind the work - the fact that gold, for Künzli, had lost its symbolic quality. In Gold Makes You Blind, the gold ball is hidden from the viewer, and as a result the viewer is forced to "blindly" accept the fact that it is there.

Of his changing relationship to the material, Künzli once stated, "In 1980 I stopped using gold for a while because of considerations like these, social changes in the late 1970s and certain personal experiences. I wanted to achieve detachment in the hope that, after a period of abstinence, I would be able to re-appraise gold. A final work with gold was created as a manifestation of this decision: a bangle of black rubber, the interior consisting of a golden ball-like a snake with a small elephant in its belly. It was time for gold to return to the darkness."

Adapted from

Kevin W. Tucker, DMA unpublished material, 2010.

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