Seamless Tube ProductionTenais Siderca, Campana/Buenos Aires, Argentina


Thomas Struth ( German, 1954 )

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General Description

The scene here appears to be of an earlier industrial age, but it is a factory that is fully functioning now, and could in an uncanny way be a set for a play or an opera, with a strong resemblance to the 1920s Fritz Lang film, Metropolis. The factory produces seamless tubing that has made possible innumerable technological advancements, processes, and objects that we take for granted, indeed that we could not live without. Without them, transportation, communication, medicine, entertainment - let alone what we think of as science - could not exist. By showing us where these essential but invisible things are made, Thomas Struth goes behind the surface of the everyday, allowing us to become aware of what we use, and what we depend on, without our conscious knowledge or even control.

Adapted from

Charles Wylie, DMA unpublished material, 2010.