Hitoshi Nomura ( Japanese, 1945 )

1970 (printed 2011)
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General Description

Tied to the Mono-Ha, or "School of Things," movement, Hitoshi Nomura used the medium of photography to capture the passage of time and its relationship to natural processes. Nomura saw the potential of photography as more than a documentary tool long before many artists did, and in the case of this work, he deftly used the medium to capture the vaporization of dry ice from solid to gas. After the artist built uniform cubes out of the ice blocks, he would note the initial time and weight and take a photograph. He would then move the blocks down the mat on which they were placed and repeat the process. The effects of nature and time on the dry ice cause it to convert from a solid state to a gaseous one, and the substance dematerializes entirely, leaving only the photographs as representative of the work.

Adapted from

Charles Wylie, Label text, Silence and Time, 2011.