Untitled (Big Yellow One)


Jonas Wood ( American, 1977 )

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General Description

Jonas Wood paints images from his daily life through a multilayered approach. He begins by collaging photographs into compositions that challenge the viewer's sense of space and scale. The artist's process of translating the image across different media records not only the original subject matter but also the distorting and abstracting nature of time. The finished paintings depict images that are personal and yet universal, generating a sense of collective nostalgia for a reconstructed moment in time.

In Untitled (Big Yellow One), Wood takes this process of abstraction further. Potted plants, a prominent feature in his still lifes and interior scenes, are reduced to monochromatic geometric shapes. The resulting forms bring to mind the sculptures of Alexander Calder and the cutout collages of Henri Matisse.

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  • Label text, 2011.

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