Slack of Vinyl


Jiro Takamatsu ( Japanese, 1936 - 1998 )

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General Description

Slack of Vinyl corrupts the implied perfection of geometry, particularly that of the square. Like a giant vinyl bedsheet that can’t be forced to lie properly, Slack of Vinyl rests on the floor and is defined by its four sides as a perfect square. Nonetheless, an excess of material pushes the center up; what at first appears likely to be a flat sheet is revealed to be an intricately constructed surface that defies resolution into a perfect plane. In these and other works, Jirō Takamatsu zeroed in on questioning the sanctified realms of structural integrity and truth in materials with lattice forms, cubic sculptures, and concrete blocks that were distorted and deconstructed in order to create sculptures that sagged, yielded to gravity, questioned the solidity of the whole, and further fragmented the symbols of Minimalism.

Adapted from

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