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Leslie Hewitt ( American, 1977 )

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General Description

Conceptual artist Leslie Hewitt is inspired by “the every­day.” Belonging to the generation of artists who developed in the time after the apex of the civil rights movement, Hewitt became particularly interested in the relationship between memory and the photographic image. The photo-sculptures from Hewitt’s Blue Skies, Warm Sunlight series include raw plywood squares, photographs of clouds and skies, and blocks of clay. The atmospheric photographs, unmolded clay, and plywood propped up as if it were a blank canvas on an easel all seem to indicate the possibility of artistic creation. The raw plywood delicately balances on stacked books, including a copy of Jerome H. Skolnick’s The Politics of Protest—a book often reappearing in Hewitt’s work—which was a 1969 report researched and compiled by the United States Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence.

Excerpt from

Jeffrey Grove, DMA Label copy, Difference?, 2012.

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