Phase of Nothingness--Cloth and Stone


Nobuo Sekine ( Japanese, 1942 - 2019 )

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General Description

Using natural materials such as stone, wood, and cotton in their unadulterated states in conjunction with wire, light bulbs, glass, and steel plates, Nobuo Sekine and other Mono-ha artists were interested in exploring the tension that results from the moment of encounter between objects and how this can profoundly alter one’s perception. Phase of Nothingness-Cloth and Stone, 1970, demonstrates how Sekine carefully configured materials to activate the surrounding space, emphasizing a “phase” of experience during the time in which the object was to be temporarily displayed, subsequently discarded, and re-created for future exhibition. Phase of Nothingness-Cloth and Stone interacts with its space through the gestural act of suspending a stone from cloth with a rope. After Phase of Nothingness-Cloth and Stone was initially realized in 1970, Sekine destroyed the work and created it again in 2004 for an exhibition in Tokyo.

Excerpt from

  • Gabriel Ritter, Label text, 2014.

  • Jeffrey Grove, DMA unpublished material, 2012.

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