Bust of Venus Victrix


Pierre-Auguste Renoir ( French, 1841 - 1919 )


Richard Guino ( French, born Spain, 1890 - 1973 )

Modeled 1915, cast after 1967
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General Description

Bust of Venus Victrix is a half-length variant of the monumental sculpture that Pierre-Auguste Renoir made in collaboration with the young sculptor Richard Guino. Encouraged by his dealer, Ambroise Vollard, Renoir set out to make sculpture late in life and chose as his subject Venus holding the golden apple, which he had painted twice before. Renoir’s hands were paralyzed from advanced rheumatoid arthritis, so it was Guino who produced the models for the full-length statue in 1913 and the present bust-size version in 1915. With her smooth skin, idealized beauty, and motif drawn from ancient mythology, Venus Victrix reflects Renoir’s incorporation of classical and Renaissance values into his art following an influential trip to Italy in 1881. This sculpture belongs to a small edition of bronzes that were cast in Guino’s lifetime for Renoir’s heirs beginning in 1967.