Draped Woman


Jacques Lipchitz ( French, 1891 - 1973 )

Modeled 1917–1919, cast 1941
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General Description

When he arrived in Paris from Lithuania in 1909, Jacques Lipchitz fell under the influence of Cubism. Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s paintings and sculpture, he developed his own take on the style in a series of standing figures begun around 1914; the series includes the present work, the most accomplished in the group. Departing from the extreme abstraction of his earlier sculptures, Draped Woman is composed of faceted geometric forms arranged in a column of shifting planes. The subject is a nude woman with drapery cascading over her left shoulder and forearm. She clasps a long vertical object resembling a musical instrument. With these details, Lipchitz forges a connection between his Cubist bather and classical sculpture, endowing his bather with a sense of both antiquity and groundbreaking modernity.