Thuringian Forest


Edvard Munch ( Norwegian, 1863 - 1944 )

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General Description

Edvard Munch encountered the Thuringian Forest in Germany while recuperating from alcohol-related health problems in the nearby sanitarium at Bad Elgersburg. In this painting, he depicts a recently deforested section of wilderness in boldly contrasting hues. Devoid of human figures, Munch renders the undulating landscape as bleeding and raw, with sinuous pink and red strokes of paint interrupted by the vibrant green of the trees. The painting is characteristic of Munch’s Expressionist style, in which exaggerated colors and brushstrokes convey the darker emotions of tension, anguish, and despair from which he suffered. This was Margaret’s favorite painting. Always flanked by colorful orchids, it greeted visitors as they entered the foyer of the McDermott home.