obi and/with SCOBY oak with/and smoke owl and/with towel oar with/and store oil with/and mohel oat and/with note orc with/and fork


Darren Bader ( American, 1978 )

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General Description

Darren Bader is known for his innovative and unconven­tional uses of materials that push the boundaries of sculp­ture and activate environments with unexpected pairings and phenomenological experiences. Bader also frequently employs double entendres and wordplay, as is readily apparent in the series of rhyming couplets that make up the title of this work. From the artist’s 2013 exhibition Heaven and Earth, this grouping of seven couplings brings together disparate elements with a sense of humor and childlike logic reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’s poetry. These absurd combinations can be realized in physical space or in the form of photographic or video documentation, but are to be regarded as a work of sculpture. The insistence on the primacy of language and its relationship to sculp­ture closely mirrors the work of conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner, whose work is equally viable on a printed page or realized in physical space.

Excerpt from

  • Anna Katherine Brodbeck, ed., TWO X TWO X TWENTY: Two Decades Supporting Contemporary Art at the Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art), 2018, 222.

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