Farm Near Duivendrecht (recto); The Sea (Verso)


Piet Mondrian ( Dutch, 1872 - 1944 )

c. 1905–1914
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General Description

This double-sided drawing shows a crucial moment in the evolution of Piet Mondrian’s style. Anticipating the groundbreaking grid paintings that established his reputation, The Sea reveals his early representations of nature through simplified geometric forms. Drawn fluidly and spontaneously with charcoal, the scene conveys the movement of rolling waves through curving and straight horizontal lines interrupted by vertical elements. This artistic innovation led to the artist’s later abstract compositions of rectangular grids formed by lines of black or gray.

The drawing on the other side of this sheet, Farm Near Duivendrecht, was created two years after The Sea and captures one of the most dominant landscape motifs in Mondrian’s early career.

Adapted from

Nicole R. Myers, DMA Label copy, 2018.

Fun Facts

  • Mondrian's painting Farm Near Duivendrecht, in the Evening (1987.359) which is based on this recto drawing is part of the Dallas Museum of Art's permanent collection.

Web Resources

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