Jack in the Pulpit vase


Louis Comfort Tiffany ( American, 1848 - 1933 )


Tiffany Furnaces, Inc. ( American, 1902 - 1919 )

c. 1900
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General Description

Louis Comfort Tiffany's interest in botany is evident in the iconic, floriform Jack in the Pulpit vase. Formed from a single parison, or mass of molten glass, it features an exuberant flared rim atop a delicate stem and a bulbous base. Tiffany produced this vase in two color schemes; in addition to the semi-transparent iridescent yellow hue of this example, it was also available in a combination of opalescent greens, blues, and violets.

Although Tiffany began his career as a painter, he abandoned painting in favor of decorative arts in the 1870s. While he embraced nearly every medium throughout his prolific career, he garnered the most acclaim for his glass designs, including leaded stained glass and blown glass known as Favrile, a name derived from the Old English word fabrile (hand-wrought), produced by Tiffany Furnaces, Inc. in Corona, Queens. Favrile glass, with translucent or opaque surfaces and exuberant, amorphous forms, transformed the glass industry previously dominated by transparent cut glass in standard shapes.

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Kevin Tucker, Label text [2014.60.2], 2014.

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