Koloman Moser ( Austrian, 1868 - 1968 )

c. 1902
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General Description

This self-portrait by Koloman Moser demonstrates a high level of craftsmanship, specifically the integration of black chalk and green colored pencil and the incorporation of collage. A central figure in the development of modernism in fin de siècle Vienna, Moser served as a member of the Siebener Club in 1895 and co-founder of both the Vienna Secession in 1897 and the Wiener Werkstätte in 1903. Moser was a prolific artist-designer who produced not only paintings, drawings, and graphic arts but also progressive works in furniture, silver, glass, and ceramics. Despite the breadth of media, contemporaries perceived Moser as the “painter” to the foil of Josef Hoffmann the “architect,” despite the intellectual affinity between the two designers and the broad spectrum of their careers.

Adapted from

  • Samantha Robinson, DMA label copy, 2014

  • Olivier Meslay, DMA unpublished material.

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