The Extras


Mika Tajima ( American, 1975 )

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General Description

Consisting of a structure resembling a painting rack that holds a mix of Tajima’s previous work as well as a rotating series of artworks from the Dallas Museum of Art’s permanent collection, The Extras serves as both a reflection and critique of the financial crisis of 2008. The title refers to the filmmaking term used to designate background actors in a production with non-speaking roles, while also referring to the surplus of objects waiting to be displayed in museum storage. The way in which objects are displayed implies a state of excess and disuse but also potential and anticipation for the next action or installation.

Excerpt from

  • Anna Katherine Brodbeck, ed., TWO X TWO X TWENTY: Two Decades Supporting Contemporary Art at the Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art), 2018, 234-235.

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