Gustav Stickley ( American, 1858 - 1942 )


The Craftsman Workshops ( American, 1903 - 1916 )

c. 1904–1913
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General Description

In 1905, one year after Gustav Stickley hired German émigré Valentine Marks “Max” Kluge as the head of the Craftsman Workshops’ metal shop, he released a catalogue of “Hand-Wrought Metal Work” that included andirons, fire sets, table lamps, lanterns, chandeliers, wall plaques, and other items. In keeping with the Art and Crafts mode, Stickley’s electric light fixtures were intended to subdue the harsh glare of the new electric blub and express handcraftsmanship through richly planished and patinated surfaces. With its spade or peacock eye piercings, bud finials, and riveted strapwork, this sconce is representative of the Craftsman Workshops’ finest metalwork.

Adapted from

Kevin Tucker, DMA unpublished, 2008

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