Stone statue of Ganesha



13th–15th century
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General Description

Ganesha is the child of Shiva, one of the three primary Hindu deities, and his wife Parvati, goddess of love, fertility, and devotion. When he was young, Ganesha kept his father from seeing his mother Parvati in her bath. As a result, Shiva cut off his son's head. Seeing Parvati despair over her son's death, Shiva agreed to restore the boy with the head of the first person he saw—which was an elephant, hence Ganesha's elephant head. The most popular deity in India today, Ganesha is a god of prosperity and joy. He often appears as a rotund little boy, lively and in motion, holding sweets in his hand and trunk.

Excerpt from

  • Anne Bromberg, Label text.

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