Die Nibelungen


Carl Otto Czeschka ( Austrian, 1878 - 1960 )


Carl Otto Czeschka ( Austrian, 1878 - 1960 )


Franz Keim ( Austrian, 1840 - 1918 )


Gerlach & Wiedling, Vienna and Leipzig

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General Description

One year after his departure from the Wiener Werkstätte, Carl Otto Czeschka designed and illustrated poet Franz Keim’s Die Nibelungen, an abridged version of a 13th-century epic poem about loyalty, betrayal, and revenge. Patterned borders, decorative motifs of swirls, flora, and fauna, and a series of line block vignettes accompany Keim’s text set in Eckmann, a typeface reminiscent of medieval calligraphy developed in 1900 by Otto Eckmann. Eight double-page color lithographs, featuring a scheme of saturated black and blue with red and gold accents, illustrate the fundamental scenes of the narrative.

Adapted from

Samantha Robinson, “Modern Opulence in Vienna: The Wittgenstein Vitrine” label copy, 2014.

Web Resources

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