Negative (California)


Anne Collier ( American, 1970 )

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General Description

Interested in obscuring the boundaries between commercial and fine art photography, Anne Collier employs found images - from vinyl record covers to books, magazines, advertisements, movie stills, and more. In 2007 she made a photograph of a 1970s-era poster of a nude woman at the beach, walking into the surf. She returned to this imagery in 2013 when she found on eBay the negative that produced the original poster; she then made a large-scale print of it. Her subject matter reveals an interest in mass media and popular culture of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, which she uses to comment on feminist themes of identity and the objectification of the female image.

Excerpt from

Chelsea Pierce, Soft Focus, Label copy [2016.4.1], 2018.