Central Park 3


Kunié Sugiura ( Japanese, 1942 )

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General Description

Kunié Sugiura was one of the first artists to apply photo emulsion solution directly to raw canvas - much like a painter would apply gesso. She then used an enlarger to expose the canvas to her own black-and-white photos. As the illuminated sections of the canvas darkened and hardened, the resulting images emulated the scale and texture of painting. Many of Sugiura's photographs contain small natural areas such as trees and rocks within the urban environment. Her emphasis on formal, aesthetic characteristics created images that fluctuate between abstraction and representation. This effect is apparent in the way the large scale, rough surface, and layering of gestural marks obscure the original subject of Central Park 3 (1971) - the surface of a rock found in Manhattan's famed natural oasis.

Excerpt from

Chelsea Pierce, Soft Focus, Label copy [2016.11.1], 2018.