Pas de Deux (Plaza Monument) 2016


Rebecca Warren ( British, 1965 )

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General Description

Pas de Deux (Plaza Monument) consists of two biomorphic forms, each more than twelve feet tall, cast in bronze and hand-painted in shimmering pastel washes. They are shaped by reduction, compaction, and perversion—forces enacted in glimpses of gesture, hints of movement, and subtle variations in posture, which produce the peculiar personality of the sculpture.

The title, Pas de Deux, translated from French as "dance of two," refers to the dynamic, fluctuating relationship between art history's most persistent binaries: male/female, old/new, classic/grotesque. While Pas de Deux is fittingly comprised of two standing forms, the work operates within the interstitial space between the aforementioned classifications, straddling the divisions between masculine and feminine, the beautiful and the perverse, the contemporary and the historical.

Excerpt from

  • Nolan Jimbo, McDermott Curatorial Intern for Contemporary Art, 2015-2016