In Between II


Keith Sonnier ( American, 1941 - 2020 )

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General Description

Beginning in the late 1960s, Keith Sonnier radically challenged the traditional concept of sculpture by incorporating unconventional and industrial materials. Often characterized as Post-Minimal or Process art, Sonnier’s sculptures are perceived not as permanent objects but instead as materials placed in ephemeral situations. In Between II is a tenuous arrangement—a three-foot-square pane of clear glass held to the wall by brushed-on rubber latex. The glass panel is flanked by red lightbulbs that alternately blink on and off, their glow reflected in its surface. Sonnier’s use of the lightbulb in In Between II highlights his interest in the objects for reasons beyond their formal qualities; the lighting devices reference a childhood memory of porch lamps commonly found in Louisiana. Sonnier believes that by evoking cultural, narrative, and spiritual associations he infuses his abstract work with an inner life.

Excerpt from

  • Katherine Brodbeck and Gavin Delahunty, Label text, Ground Rules: Selections from the Permanent Collection, 2017.

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