When Gold was King


Runo Lagomarsino

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General Description

“The topic of reconciliation is a central societal issue. The work explores the possibilities and the shortcomings of practices of healing. . . . One possibility is through hope, identifying experiences where the societal and individual pain has been acknowledged, opening the possibility of healing. . . . For me, there is also another important reading of the work, or starting point: the blue as a reference to the sea (the Atlantic, the conquest, the slave trade) and the damage being restored with gold (the Atlantic, the conquest, the slave trade). Can the work also be an investigation of capitalism at its core, with its fantasies that everything, even human suffering, can be commodified? Can the wrongdoing be rectified through covering the fractures with gold?

These multiple readings that the work allows capture my own ambivalence regarding the tension between reconciliation and forgetting, between acknowledgment and social justice.”

— Runo Lagomarsino

Excerpt from

  • Label text, Concentrations 61: Runo Lagomarsino, Entremundos, 2018.

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