Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • What words would you use to describe the LCW chair? If you could sit in this chair, how do you think it would feel?

  • Some shapes and forms are described as "geometric" while others are called "organic." Which of these terms better describes the forms that make up the LCW chair?

  • Consider your favorite piece of furniture. What about its design suits you? What qualities does it share with the LCW chair?

  • Why might art museums display chairs like this? Do you consider this chair a work of art? Why or why not?

  • An important motto of many designers is "Form follows function." Discuss this motto among yourselves and decide what it means. How does this motto relate to the LCW chair?

Making Connections

For Students K-12?

  • The Eameses created many furniture designs throughout their career. Search for “Charles and Ray Eames” in Google Image Search. Create a collage of their furniture creations. What similarities and differences do you notice among their designs?

  • This chair was part of a 1946 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art that highlighted new furniture of the time. What else was going on in the world during the 1940s? Consider the decade that this chair was made and create a timeline of five important events or inventions that occur prior to 1946 and five important events or inventions that occur after 1946.

  • Conduct a study of at least five places you sit throughout the course of one week. Create a comparative table that records various aspects and qualities of the chairs or seats that you experience in daily life. Consider the materials used to make the chair or seat, the specific function of each seat, the comfort of each seat (rate this on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being least comfortable and 5 being most comfortable), and the quality of design (on a scale of one to five). You might also make a sketch or take a photograph of each chair or seat to include in the table.

  • An important motto of many modern designers is “form follows function.” What does this motto mean, and how does LCW Chair relate to it? Design your own chair, keeping this motto in mind. When designing your chair, consider factors such as how people sit in various settings (informal vs. formal, etc.), how different postures and body shapes affect sitting, and how the potential settings of your chair should affect its design and decoration.

  • If this chair had a personality, what would it be? What would it say if it could talk? Write a story in which this chair discusses its experiences. Consider having it talk about its owners or the manufacturing process that made it.

  • Consider what qualities of this chair make it unique and innovative. Then, make a newspaper advertisement about LCW Chair. Look at a few newspaper advertisements and think about how they use the small area of a newspaper page to entice their readers.