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Gerald Murphy in Dallas

It was not until 1960 that Murphy's painting was again in the limelight, and it happened in Dallas. Murphy was approached by Douglas MacAgy, Director of the Dallas Museum of Contemporary Arts (DMCA), who was organizing an exhibition of the work of American modernist artists. Entitled American Genius in Review: I, the show not only presented the rediscovery of Gerald Murphy's work but marked the artist's first comprehensive exhibition in America. The exhibition opened in Dallas at the DMCA on 3415 Cedar Springs Road on May 11, 1960, and continued until June 19. This initiated a rich correspondence between Murphy and MacAgy. Murphy was moved that his paintings were included in the exhibition, causing him to reflect on his work. In gratitude, he offered two paintings, Razor (1924) and Watch (1925), to the Dallas Museum for Contemporary Arts in a letter to MacAgy dated September 19, 1960.

Excerpt from

Lora Sariaslan, "Gerald Murphy in Dallas," in Dallas Museum of Art 100 Years, eds. Dorothy Kosinski, et al. (Dallas, TX: Dallas Museum of Art, 2003), 20.