Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • If you could make up a title for this painting, what would it be? Why did you choose that title?

  • A "landscape" is a depiction of a place. What kind of a place is depicted in this painting? What does this landscape tell us about the time and place in which this work of art was made?

  • What colors do you see? What kind of mood do the colors and objects in this painting create?

  • How would it feel if you stepped into this painting? How would the sand feel?

  • During the time this painting was made, poor farming practices and hot, windy weather caused crops to die and topsoil to blow away. There was a very long drought period, and plants would not grow. Heavy winds blew clouds of dirt into the air, causing huge dust storms. This was known as the Dust Bowl. What do you think it would feel like to be stuck in the Dust Bowl? What would you see?

  • Instead of painting a naturalistic landscape, Hogue wanted to paint an image that was unsettling and showed the universal destruction caused by the Dust Bowl. How did the artist accomplish this?

Making Connections

For Students K-12

  • Imagine you are one of the objects or animals in this painting. What do you see and feel? Write a story about this scene from the viewpoint of that object or animal.