Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • What colors do you see in this painting? What is the special relationship between red and green? How do red and green work together in this painting

  • Mimic the figure's expression. How do you think she is feeling?

  • What is the setting of this painting?

  • What are some clues that let you know that the figure in this portrait is not from modern day?

  • What clues to her status in society has the artist given us?

  • What kind of movements would you make if you were painting this? Would you paint the hat in a different way than the ear? The foliage surrounding her?

  • Which direction is the sun shining? How did you determine that?

  • Does this look more like a drawing or a finished painting? Explain your answer with details from the work.

  • The woman's face is very well defined, but her hand are barely visible. Why do you think the artist intentionally painted the hands with less definition?

  • The artist, Frank Duveneck, was considered a gifted art teacher. He may have created this painting as a demonstration piece for his students. What elements of art do you think he would be teaching his students about with this painting?