Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • List the images you see in this painting. Where do you think the artist found or first encountered these images?
  • Some of the images in this painting appear more than once. Are all the versions the same or different?
  • Rauschenberg used silkscreening to create these repeating images in Skyway. Why would an artist use silkscreening to make part of his painting instead of doing it all by hand?
  • Do you think this painting has a central focus?
  • Rauschenberg once said "My paintings are invitations to look somewhere else." How could this statement relate to Skyway?
  • Did you notice that this painting is in two pieces? That horizontal line in the center is where the two pieces fit together.
  • Rauschenberg once said, "I was bombarded with television sets and magazines by the excess of the world. I thought an honest work should incorporate all of those elements, which were and are a reality." How is this idea reflected in Skyway?
  • Skyway includes images associated with the 1960s, such as President Kennedy and a floating astronaut. If you were going to create a work of art like this today, what pop culture images would you use? Think about iconic images you have seen in magazines or on television.