Postmodernism describes an approach toward art that arose during the 1970s, and which constituted a departure from the aesthetics, theory, and ideals of modernism. During the seventies, artists expanded artmaking beyond the established realms of painting and sculpture to include performance, time-based media, photography, fiber, and earth art. Carrying forward the influences of pop and conceptual art, postmodern approaches include the appropriation of imagery and references from popular culture and mass media, collage, irony, the incorporation of found objects, and an attention to the body and its materiality. While borrowing from popular culture was not new, the seventies and eighties witnessed a new way of thinking about the interstices between pop culture and art, as artists used appropriation, collage, and an interest in the ephemera and experiences of everyday life to oppose the universal ideals and rarefied aesthetics of modernism.

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