Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • What do you notice about the colors of this painting?

  • How are the objects arranged in this painting?

  • What types of flowers do you see? Artists would often create a painting that showed many different flowers that didn’t bloom at the same time of year. Artists would study each flower when it bloomed and make quick sketches. They would combine the different sketches from different seasons together in a final painting. Why would an artist do this?

  • The artist who painted this was named Henri Fantin-Latour and he was very interested in painting images of objects from everyday life. He would often use objects found in his garden to make his paintings. He had a wonderful garden, and he would outside to cut flowers at his home in Buri, France and bring them inside to paint in his studio. Do you have a garden at home or in your neighborhood? What types of plants can you find in this garden?

  • Fantin-Latour used his sense of touch a lot when painting. He liked to apply color directly on canvas rather than mixing colors prior to applying them. This method of painting results in sections of impasto or built up paint. Can you find a place where the paint looks built up on the canvas?

  • He often scraped off sections of wet paint with his palate knife. Where do you see this? You can also find Latour’s fingerprints on the upper left corner of the painting, where he applied paint directly with his fingers. Have you ever painted with your fingers? What did you like or dislike about this method?