Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • Does this sculpture remind you of anything?

  • The title of this work is Amphion. Amphion was a musician in Greek mythology who used his music to magically build the walls of a city called Thebes. Do you see anything in this sculpture that reminds you of music or musical instruments?

  • What types of lines do you see in this sculpture? Act out the lines with your body.

  • What material do you think was used to make this sculpture? What tools did the artist use to make this sculpture?

  • Have you ever made a sculpture before? What kind of sculpture did you make? What materials did you use?

  • Consider the size of this sculpture in relation to yourself. How does its size impact the way it makes you feel? How would this change if the sculpture were much larger or much smaller?

  • View the sculpture from all sides. What did you notice as you looked at it from different angles?