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Mimbres (Mogollon)

The Mogollon culture, which flourished from about 300 BCE to about 1350 CE, encompassed at least six subgroups, of which the Mimbres people of southwestern New Mexico are probably the best known. Most Mogollon peoples seem to have depended more than other groups in the Southwest area on the hunting of small game and the gathering of wild foods. They lived mostly in excavated dwellings, or pithouses. Although much Mogollon pottery is unpainted, Mimbres potters developed one of the Southwest's most appealing painting styles, distinguished by dynamic geometric compositions and by representational and narrative imagery that provides an eloquent record of Mimbres life.

Excerpt from

Carol Robbins, "Bowl with geometric design (1982.94) ," in Dallas Museum of Art: A Guide to the Collection, ed. Suzanne Kotz (Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art, 1997), 196.