Postcolonialism is an academic mode of thinking that acknowledges and examines the continuing economic, cultural, and social repercussions of colonialism and imperialism. Postcolonial thinking has affected the discourses surrounding art and art history, in that some artists make work in response to the aftermath of colonial rule, frequently addressing issues of national and cultural identity, race, and ethnicity. Further, postcolonial thinking has been responsible for changing the academic perception of modernism as something that originated in Western Europe and was transmitted to previously-colonized places. Rather, in light of postcolonial scholarship, modernism is understood to result from the cultural exchanges and socio-economic relationships that took place between colonizing and colonized societies.

Chloë Courtney, Digital Collections Content Coordinator, 2018.

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  • Getty Vocabulary, AAT (postcolonialism: AAT: 300263176).

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