Times & Places

Aegean and Greek Chronology

Bronze Age

Cycladic 3000-1450 B.C.E.

Minoan (Crete) 3000-1450 B.C.E.

Early Helladic (Greece) 3000-2100 B.C.E.

Middle and Late Helladic (Greece) 2100-1150 B.C.E.

Trojan 3000-1150 B.C.E.

Iron Age

Dark Age 1150-750 B.C.E.

Orientalizing Period 750-625 B.C.E.

Archaic Period 625-480 B.C.E.

Classical Period 480-323 B.C.E.

Hellenistic Period 323-31 B.C.E.

Excerpt from

Anne R. Bromberg and Karl Kilinski II, Gods, Men, and Heroes: Ancient Art at the Dallas Museum of Art. (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1996), 11.