Teaching Ideas

Early Learning

For Ages 2-3


  • What does it feel like to be in sunny weather? Rainy weather? What are your favorite things to do when it is sunny/rainy?
  • Did you know that there is a recipe for both sunny and rainy weather? Have the children come up with the ‘ingredients’ for sunny and rainy weather. For each ingredient, have the children try to make the sound or act like that element. Then, have the children act out sunny and rainy weather all together!
    Sun (arms in a circle above head)
    Clouds (circular motion with arms)
    Rain (wiggling fingers, snapping)
    Wind (blowing, waving body)
    Thunder (clapping hands on thighs, rumbling noises)
    Lightning (clapping)

Art Discussion

  • What type of weather is this- sunny or rainy? How can you tell?
  • Review the ‘ingredients’ of rainy weather and search for them in the painting.
  • Imagine the painting is real and jump inside! What sounds would you hear? Have children make the sound as a group. What would the weather feel like? What types of clothing would you need and what would you be doing? Have children act out rainy weather activities.
  • For the parents: Hiremy-Hirschl was a student of Gustav Klimt and was trained in Vienna.