Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • Where might you have seen a cornucopia before? What does a cornucopia represent? Why would someone include this symbol in the dining room?

  • Do you think this candelabrum was available for many people to purchase or just a few? Why do you think that? This is one of a set of twelve identical candelabra created for the Sulkowsky family, as indicated by the presence of their coat-of-arms on the piece.

  • Find the coat-of-arms on the candelabrum. What is the purpose of a coat-of-arms? If you were going to design a coat-of-arms for your family, what symbols would you include?

  • The candelabrum was created in 1736 which was well before electricity was used to light homes. This candelabrum has places for five candles. How many of these do you think you would need to light a room in your house?

Making Connections

For Students K-12

  • Look again at the coat-of-arms on the Candelabrum for the Sulkowsky Service. Coats-of-arms use animals, birds, signs, colors, and patterns to symbolize or stand for a family. These emblems not only identify a family group, but also proclaim the family's power, social position, and heritage. Using appropriate symbols, create a coat-of-arms for yourself.