Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • Name some things you notice about this person. What could they tell us about him?
  • The name of the man in this portrait is Osceola. How do you think Osceola got ready for this portrait? Can you tell what he put on first and what he put on last?
  • How would you describe the expression on Osceola's face? Would you say he looks serious, or thoughtful? Do his expression and his clothes give you the feeling he is an important person?
  • Osceola was chief of the Seminoles during the Indian Wars of the 1830s. He was imprisoned by the U.S. Army under a flag of truce, and he died while in prison. Osceola's valor and circumstances of his death made him a folk hero. Can you name any other folk heroes? (Hint: Think about the Alamo.)