Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • Begin by looking closely at this work of art. What are these people doing? 

  • Does anyone like to climb trees? What are some of your other favorite activities to do outdoors?

  • This work of art illustrates a proverb, or a saying that helps us learn a lesson. The proverb shown here states: “One who climbs a good tree always gets a push.” What do you think that means?

  • What are some tasks or activities that you do that might require the help of someone else? When have you helped someone else accomplish a task? How did that make you feel?

  • This work of art conveys a message without using any words. Anyone who saw this staff would understand the message based on what they saw. What does it mean when we see a red circle with a line through it? Can you think of any other symbols that convey a meaning?