Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • How do you think this object was used?

  • In ancient Greece, gold wreathes were given to people to commemorate a great deed or celebrate important victories. How do you think they wore the wreaths?

  • Usually these wreaths were made with real leaves. What material was used to make this wreath? Why do you think the artist who made this wreath used gold? What do you think of when you see something made of gold?

  • Gold was valuable to the ancient Greeks. To make a small amount of gold go as far as possible, the Greeks hammered it until it was as thin as paper. How thin do these leaves look to you?

  • The people of many different places throughout history have considered gold to be a very precious or special material. What is the most precious thing you own? Why is it important to you? Is it important because of its material or another reason?

  • This wreath was probably found in a tomb, along with other belongings of the person buried there. Why do you think someone would want a wreath like this in their tomb? What do you think it would say about that person?