Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • The artist of this sculpture, Alberto Giacometti, said that he depicted people as he saw them. What words would you use to describe the figures in this sculpture?

  • What do you think this sculpture is made of? Why do you think that?

  • Imagine that you can touch these figures. How would they feel to your touch?

  • What do you think these people are doing?

  • Giacometti was interested in how people appear from a distance. He had the models for this sculpture pose nine feet away from him. Think about details that are lost when you see someone from a distance. Can you describe their clothes? Can you recognize them? How far away do these three men seem to be from you? Explain your answer.

  • Suppose you were able to enter the space of these striding figures and walk among them. Would you find yourself on a city street, in a museum, in an ancient place? Do you imagine that any of the figures in the sculpture would talk to you? What would they say?

  • Giacometti has created a special world of space and figures with its own sense of meaning and mood. How would you describe the world he has created? If you were a sculptor, would you make a world like Giacometti's or would yours be different? If it were different, what changes would you make?