Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • This image is visually complex and rich with figures, patterns, and details. Take time to look closely and discuss the many things that you see in this sculptural tablet.

  • This sculpture includes both images and glyphic texts that were meant to keep a record of important people and events that occurred throughout different times in history. Make a list of American sculptures that include both images and text related to important people and events in history. Why is it important to keep records? How do you keep records of important things that happen in your own personal history and life?

  • How do you think this object was made? What tools do you think were used to make this object? If you could touch it, how do you think it would feel?

Making Connections

For Students K-12

  • Explore qualities of depth, scale, and proportion in this relief sculpture through focused looking and drawing. Start with the gigantic jaguarian beast. Sketch the beast and the figure standing in front of it. What is the visual impact of a large-scale figure like this in the composition? Look for the two, aged, slender figures and sketch them as they appear within the columns of a structure. Sketch glyphs and patterns that you find throughout the composition. Think about their placement. As you look and sketch, consider with classmates the relationship between parts of the sculpture to the whole composition.

  • Powerful women appear throughout many works of art in the DMA collection. Compare the royal female figures on the Royal Throne Effigy_ with the Hindu goddess _Durga (2003.7.2)_. _Think about the function and original context of these relief sculptures as well as the materials used to make them. What are the similarities and the differences between these two works? How do the female figures in each sculpture embody power and authority?

  • The figures that appear on this tablet and the events recorded on the tablet records are all centered on female royalty. Research several other female royal figures, such as Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, Queen Nefertiti, and Queen Cleopatra. Write an essay that compares the roles of female royal figures in different cultures and collect images of these figures in their royal dress and headwear. Present your written and visual findings to the class.

  • The relationship between the glyphic text and the imagery on this relief is important to its meaning. Create a work of visual art which incorporates text. You might consider illustrating a story or a poem that you have written.

  • The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. is an example of an American sculptural form that includes both images and text. List the ways in which this memorial is similar and different from Panel 6, La Corona.