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McDermott Art Fund

The Dallas Museum of Art entered its maturity as a cultural institution beginning in the 1960s. It was certainly no coincidence that the first year of that decade witnessed the foundation of the McDermott Art Fund, created by and named for Margaret and Eugene McDermott, whose philanthropy in Dallas is nearly without parallel. Their generosity has benefited an impressive array of cultural, educational, and healthcare organizations in Texas and elsewhere. The Dallas Museum of Art is among these fortunate institutions.

The objects that have entered the collections of the Dallas Museum of Art with the help of the McDermott Art Fund are of the highest quality and represent numerous cultures and historical time periods.

Characteristically, Margaret McDermott's use of the fund seems to be guided by her deep personal concern for and engagement with the individuals who work for the Museum. She has consistently encouraged the curators of the Dallas Museum of Art by enabling them, through the support of the fund, to build their various collections, and in many cases she has used the McDermott Art Fund gifts to honor lifetime contributions to the Museum by curators, directors, and other patrons.

Excerpt from

Carl Wuellner, “The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund,” in Dallas Museum of Art 100 Years, eds. Dorothy Kosinski, et al. (Dallas, TX: Dallas Museum of Art, 2003), 15.

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