Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • This type of painting is called a "still life." Why do you think it is called that?

  • If you were going to make a still life painting, what objects would you include?

  • What shapes do you see in this painting? What colors do you see?

  • Picasso wanted to stray from the imitation of nature, so he reduced natural forms into geometric shapes. This style is known as "Cubism." Cubism also embraces all the aspects of an object at the same time and is more complete than the optical view. Do you think this portrait was painted before or after Picasso started working in the Cubist style?

  • Picasso was interested in pictures always being two-dimensional. Even though depth could be imitated in a painting, ultimately it is still a flat piece of canvas. How does Picasso make this painting seem very flat?

  • How does the off-white painted frame that Picasso included in this work effect the way you view the painting?