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Walter Dorwin Teague (1883-1960)

Born in Decatur, Indiana in 1893, Walter Dorwin Teague moved to New York City in 1903. There, he studied at the Art Students’ League before opening a graphic design studio in 1912. Following his discovery of industrial design during a 1926 trip to Paris, he founded Walter Dorwin Teague Associates, one of the first industrial design consultancies, and soon engaged his first client: Eastman Kodak Company. The designer received widespread acclaim for camera models—Vanity Kodak (1928), Baby Brownie (1933), and Bantam Special (1936)—based on extensive product research and development. As a result, Teague secured contracts with numerous manufacturers, including Corning, Pyrex, Polaroid, and Steinway and even ventured into transportation projects for Ford and Texaco, among others.

Excerpt from

Samantha Robinson, DMA unpublished material, 2014.

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